Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Raw Meat Diet, Day 72- Concerning Pigeons

As I wait patiently for my raw chicken feet to arrive from the meat co-op, I wanted to let my readers know about my feelings regarding pigeons. I've been hunting birds my whole life, and I have to say that pigeons are some lazy, fat cluckers. If my dad ever let me off my leash, I swear I could kill about 40 of those wobbly trash-eaters in about 2 minutes. Not that eating trash is bad, but pigeons shouldn't mess with getting too close to me if they want to keep their wings. In fact, one morning I was doing my business outside when all of a sudden 10 of those pudgy scavengers swarmed over me. Naturally, I bit at them wildly and got one in the face. His buddies saw what had happened and high-tailed it out of there. My dad wouldn't let me finish the dirty fowl off, but I think the bird got the message. If any pigeons are reading this, I just want to let you know that I will bite your face off.

Stanislaw, the Great Pigeon Hunter

brother's tasty bits:
We're down to our last scraps of meats as our humans try to get enough meals together to make it until we get our co-op order. That's supposed to come in about a week and a half from now, and I can't wait! We've got all sorts of delicious new things on the way and Stanislaw and I are never shy about digging into some new grub.

For the first time ever we're going to try some chicken feet. These little guys make great snacks and are natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin, so our humans figured that they'd be great after our runs. Plus they're very inexpensive. My mom thinks they're pretty gross so we'll see how often we're given our feasting feet.

Next up on the new food menu is beef heart. Once again my mom gets a bit squeamish about these meats looking a little too much like a biology lesson, so she ordered the heart ground. Heart is supposed to be a great source of protein (it's fed like a non-bone meat source) and it's packed with tourine which is essential for cats and dogs with seizures, like my raw-feasting friend Henry. I just think it looks tasty, and it'll add some variety to our meat meals.

One food that I'm especially excited for is our order of whiting. I LOVE my fishies, but I've never eaten any raw before. (It's important to note here that some types of salmon and other fish that swim upstream to breed can be infected with an organism that causes Salmon Poisoning Disease in dogs. These fish can be eaten but should only be served once cooked or canned.) Because mercury is a concern, our humans are careful about our fish intake, but whiting are listed by the NRDC as one of the safest fish to eat with regards to mercury content. They can be given whole and I plan to crunch right through those bones and make a big mess of myself. My mom is planning our first fish feasting on a day when we can be bathed right after. The fish I'm looking forward to. The bath... not so much.

Also on our order list is some ground duck which will be a first for us, goat (Stanley's favorite), lamb, mutton, pork and tripe. We've even stocked up on some of our beloved femur bones for some tasty marrow and good recreational bone-chewing. These co-op groups are great, because they really broaden our menu and let us try all sorts of new and drool-inducing meats. Speaking of drool-worthy feasts...

Our friend Henry and his dog brother might be getting some eyes to eat! I'm thinking that they'd be like candy gobstoppers for dogs, and I'm totally into it. My mom, however, is totally not. Chicken feet were a big step for her, and I don't think she has the good taste to find us some eyeballs. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to live my eyeball-feasting vicariously through Mr. Henry. But in the mean time, I'm sure I'll be pretty distracted by all the other deliciousness coming my way.

Happy feasting!

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Walking By Faith said...

Henry here, I just want you to know your gonna love the beef heart! My Mommy cuts the heart up into chunks while still mostly frozen,(with an electric knife) and this is less gross than chopping up a fully thawed mushy heart. She then puts the almost fist size chunks in ziploc bags and keeps them in the freezer. We get beef heart about three times a week. She chops the heart while in a casserole dish so blood doesnt run all over and she can save the yummy blood for us! My Mommy is waiting until I feel better before she looks more into the eyeballs. I cant have the fish eyeballs cause raw fish triggers my epilepsy. Eyeballs have lots of taurine too by the way! =)