Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 93- Quality Raw Tex-Mex Feasting

In Texas, because it would get so hot so early in the day, my humans would take my brother and me running very early in the morning.  Or maybe it was night.  I couldn't tell, because it was pitch black outside.  We'd cross the street to the hiking trail that ran alongside the Colorado River, and my humans would turn on their crazy forehead light beams and I would show my dad what a slow poke he really is.  This hour of day was PRIME frog-feasting time, and my super most favorite time to be outside for one of our fast hunts (humans call it "running"). 

One fast-hunting morning, when the sun was just starting to rise, they noticed that I wasn't panting or breathing normally.  They rushed me to the river and dunked me in the water because they were afraid I was overheating.  I seemed fine but I just wouldn't open my mouth.  Since I am an excitable boy and I just wanted to keep on the fast hunt, we continued on our way.  I still wasn't panting or breathing right and they kept stopping to pull up my lips and check on my gums.  I was starting to get a little too red from getting a little too hot.  Still, I would not open my mouth to pant.  I begged and begged to keep going and we were off again.  Then, all of a sudden, we were in the middle of a good hunting stretch when my daddy stopped suddenly and I was jerked hard in my harness.  I opened my mouth in surprise and a suffocated frog body was ejected and flew across the running path.  They made me lose my frog!!  It did feel good to breath again though...
As my humans can tell you - I dabbled in some raw feasting long before we ever started the raw diet.  We lived in Texas, where the weather was always warm and there were always delicious pale-colored lizards running up the outside of our apartment building, and fat juicy frogs hiding in the wet grass at the edge of the walking paths.  Mmmmm.... 

I am one talented lizard-catching boy.  I would see one of these tasty guys and I'd leap / run / climb up the wall to get to them.  Before my humans could stop me I'd have a lizard in my mouth.  I wouldn't eat him right away.  I liked to suck on them for a while like a never-ending gob-stopper and feel them squirm about on my tongue.  Fun!  Then I'd chew a little while my mommy would scream and be totally grossed out.  Double fun!

When it came to catching frogs I'd rarely eat them.  I like to hold them in my mouth for a long, long time though, and shake them around a little.  Once I got one that was so juicy he was too big for my feating jaws!  The frogs in our part of Texas weren't poisonous, but they did give off yucky stuff that made my mouth bubble over with foam for an hour after I caught one.  I looked crazy and rabid and foam literally poured from my face.  It was always so worth it though.  Frogs are some mighty good raw entertainment.

I have a major case of OCD.  And knowing there might be a frog at every turn doesn't help my case.  It's so bad that I can have an absolute potty emergency and when I get outside I become so fixated on grass, puddles, candy wrappers... anything, that I won't even lift my leg.  I also scream and scream whenever I'm outside because I am one excitable, compulsive little boy.  My humans aren't sure how I got this way, but no amount of exposure or exercise seems to help!  But they don't understand that it pays to be prepared.  If I weren't crazy for hunting then I would have missed all those frog- and lizard-tasting opportunities.  And that's just not a way for a dog to go through life.  I am Stanislaw, and I am always ready.  And focused.  And... PIGEON!!!


JB's Big World said...

Yikes, do you really eat raw meat?
Nice to meet you. Do you like cats? I hope you don't eat cats too!

Niamh said...

Hi Stanislaw,

What a nice blog you have with all those great pictures of MEAT! I tried to eat a toad once so I know what you mean about the yucky taste and the foam in the mouth. Now I just point at toads.

Your new friend,

Hero said...


My mom and dad wear those crazy forehead lights too!! I think they enjoy embarrassing me when we go for our late night walks. That's so cool that you got to catch frogs. I heard some the other day and wanted to get at them, but my mom wouldn't let me, because they were on someone's "private property", whatever that means. Hoomans hardly ever make sense to me.


wildcatsthree said...

Hi Stanislaw,
This is Abby. I'm a 10 year old female black cocker spaniel. Nice to meet another raw food eating black cocker.
Your blog covers an important topic, so keep up the great work. We love our raw food too, and it has improved our health greatly. I used to have food allergies and ear infections before mom switched our food. Now I no longer need any medication, and my vet gave me the "best cocker ears award" a couple weeks ago.
Abby & Rosie