Saturday, April 12, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 75- Weird Sounds From My Bum

I wasn't feeling that well today so I decided to take it easy and watch some Animal Planet on my couch.  All of a sudden, my bum started making weird noises and it was kind of scaring me.  I've been trying this new thing to let my humans know when I have a potty emergency.  I jump up on the window and cry to be let outside.  Luckily, today it worked and I was able to get out and relieve myself on the pavement.  The reason I was sick was because I ate a Dentabone.  Even though Dentabones are delicious, they aren't raw.  Anything I eat that's not raw makes my tummy hurt now.  That's okay though because my humans have these tasty dried raw lamb lung treats for snacking on between meals.  Anyway, I'm glad I got that Dentabone out of my system.  Now I feel better and can go back to causing trouble and harassing my humans.

Happy hunting,

brother is a chilly dog:
Hey there guys!  Just wanted to let you know that my eye is doing wonderfully.  No sign of that annoying little gland making a reappearance, thank goodness!  We're all hoping that it was just a fluke that I got a cherry eye.  I really love to squish my face around in blankets, on humans, on my favorite armchair, in my toys... and maybe I just pressed too hard in the wrong place.  Maybe.  But so far so good!

Well, as you may know, I am a very lean little boy.  Don't get me wrong -- I feast with the best of them, but my activity level keeps me pretty skinny.  So, when we moved away from the heat of Texas land to this icy northern region where winter never seems to end, I became a very chilly cocker spaniel.  My humans let me grow lots and lots of fur, but I would always get a chill at night.  My crate is loaded down with fleece blankets, but that's just not enough for me.  Because of this, I've been forced to do something that I absolutely despise...  wear clothes.  Blech.  Hate it.  Every night my humans come at me with my green fleece jacket and every night I hide and run circles around the island trying to avoid them.  It doesn't bother me so much once I'm wearing my wardrobe, but I can't stand the act of actually putting the clothing on.  Torture!  It does keep me toasty though.
Wearing my fleece and staring at a piece of cheese.

My humans went so far as to order me an electric heating pad with a faux lambs' wool blanket on top.  It takes up 1/2 of my crate and I avoid the darn think like the devil.  I don't care if I'm cold and it's cozy warm!  I require some major fleece-blankie comfort when I sleep, and I'm not allowed to put blankets on top of the heater because it can be a fire hazard.  So, I make my nests and sleep on the other side of the crate.  It annoys my humans that I won't use it and it annoys me that I have to wear silly clothes.  I don't know why this is so difficult, because I thought of the solution to this problem years ago:  Let me sleep in the human bed!  I swear, I won't kick you THAT hard, shed THAT much, or take up TOO MUCH room.  And I'm only a little stinky.  

Please mom?  Dad?  Please?

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Louis Reginald said...


I am glad you are feeling better from your dentabone experience. Those are really hard to digest, even for non raw eaters! I suggest chews made from real tendons and marrow bones. I am sure your humans already are giving you those.

As far as the Chicago cold, thats where I lived with my humans for a few months before moving to Miami. I can't say I miss being cold, but as far as the clothes thing, I suggest giving in. Its easier then protesting and humans on the street give lots more attention when you are dressed. I hated it at first, but now I enjoy a spiffy shirt from time to time!

And that sleeping bit sounds rough! My humans never made me sleep in a crate. Since we became family, we have all cuddled in bed together. I prefer to be under the covers. I think that you should tell your parents it will solve your chills! Make the puppy eyes...that usually works for me!!