Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 79- Got Me Some Hot New Threads

Today was the first nice day in Chicago, so I hit the dog park in my new gear. Check me out:
I also designed a tasty new dog shirt and am in the process of making a whole raw feasting line of gear for pups and their humans. Check out my new squirrel shirt which is available here.

There will be more items and designs soon!

Big Pupi always likes a good poop joke:
The Sprinkle Brigade has shown me the power of my own creative output! With a tag like "just leave it. we got it." and a blog of their very own, I can't help but get a gut feeling that these guys are sharing my artistic vision. However, my humans are always quick with a poop bag, and while out for my morning and evening constitutionals they thwart my every attempt at leaving my mark on the art world. But these guys have got my back. Their work is really something to behold... (but only if you have a good sense of humor!)


Louis Reginald said...

The clothes are FABULOUS!!!!

Louis Reginald said...

Big P -

If you like Poop jokes, check out my Poop Chronicles at Cup of Dog!!!

What cool dog can't resist the topic of poop? Its funny and sometimes a good snack between meals!


Walking By Faith said...

Very snazzy looking! =D