Saturday, April 26, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 89- Bad Dreams

Since my raw meat order for this month is now a week late in arriving at my door, I'm really starting to get stressed out.  Last night I was in my crate and I had a bad dream.  I dreamed that the meat man was driving down the street, when all of a sudden, the back of his truck busted open and my goat escaped, running throughout the city.  My goat was so fast, I couldn't catch him.  He ran to the land of the uncatchable rabbits never to be feasted upon again.

Worried about my goat,

Big Pupi likes to play play play
Stanislaw and I have 2 big baskets of toys, one in the living room and one in the office, and we like to spend our days making sure that they have been emptied and our treasures are scattered about the apartment.  I cannot express my joy when I wake in the middle of the night to hear one of my humans step on something loud and squeaky on their way to the bathroom, and I know that I had left that toy there the evening before.  So fun!
Every so often our people will order toys from a wholesale store online called PetEdge, and a few days later a man appears at our door with a box full of goodies just for Stan and me.  Some toys on that site are as little as 80 cents!  (I think that is equal to one-half piece of cheese for all you dogs out there.)  Regardless of dollars or cheese, we get lots of fun stuff this way. 

My super favorite toy, the singing Christmas Tree Mouse Toy, didn't come from the magical computer store.  It came from my grandma human instead.  Boy oh boy.  That toy is just the greatest.  I love it so much I couldn't bring myself to completely detach the right ear like I do with all my other toys.  I left it only partly severed.  He is just so special to me -- I will even sometimes take him out for our potty walks so he can get some fresh air.  He sings to me when I thrash him and his little tree decorations light up.  I make sure to give him at least 5 good thrashings after breakfast each morning, and I know my humans just LOVE to hear him sing his song over and over and over.  The battery never dies!  It's so great!!

But sometimes Stanislaw and I like to be entertained with a different kind of toy... the kind we can tear and shred and destroy and not feel bad about.  On those occasions, our humans will take an empty cardboard paper towel roll, cut it in half and make us our little tear toys.  They cut 2 slits in each end of the piece of towel tube to make flaps, then Stan and I will drool as we watch them put some treats inside and fold down the flaps to close the tastiness into the tube.  Then we each get one and it's shredding time!
It's super fun to get to exercise our tearing instincts and not get in trouble for it.  And my brother and I will do anything for a treat.  I'm a pro at ripping that thing to bits in seconds, eating my treat and then stealing my brother's away from him and eating his treat too.  It's great!  

**If your human does decide to make this toy for you, tell them to keep an eye out while you're playing with it.  Some dogs, (like Stanislaw), will try to consume the cardboard and that's just not good.  


Ellen said...

Stan, once the meat man sees your expression in that top picture, he will be sure to rush to your door with the goat. Remind me not to make you cross! :)

Ellen said...

Hey Stan,

I think I had a bad dream too. My mom doesn't have work today, so we were hanging out in her bedroom. I was relaxing and fell asleep next to her bed. All of a sudden, I yelped and ran out of the room and hid in my favorite safe spot behind the dining room table. My mom was really scared and looked me over very carefully to see if I was hurt, but she couldn't find anything. Finally I left my safe spot and got into my crate and I wouldn't come out until she got out my harness and said the word P-A-R-K.

Now we're home again and I still won't go back in the bedroom. Do you have any suggestions for me and my mom? She will be lonely if I don't sleep near her bed, but I'm scared!


Stanislaw said...

You don't happen to wear one of those invisible fence collars, do you Beckett? My grand humans had a dog once that wore one, and that dog would yelp and be afraid of certain parts of the kitchen. Turned out that there were "hot spots" in the house created by other electrical frequencies and the fence person had to come and change the frequency of the collar and the fence. Didn't take him long to loose his fear of the kitchen though. After all, there is food in there...


Steven Marte said...

Hey Stan! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love tearing up cardboard too, but I always spit it out. My mom has tried putting me on a RAW diet, but I'm a very finicky eater and wouldn't touch the stuff. Right now my mom is trying to transition me into it, but it may take a while.

I'm glad to hear that you're gaining weight on your diet. I was 50% below ideal weight as well (only ~20lbs when i should be 40-50lbs), but after 5 months at a new home I've gained 20lbs! i don't like to eat so I could have gained more, but I'd rather play all day. Good luck on gaining those last few pounds!


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