Monday, April 21, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 84- We're Celebrating!


a quick note from Big Pupi:
We have news!  Stanislaw's blog has won's "Cool Dog Site of the Day" award!  We can't thank you all enough for the nomination.  It's such an honor to be recognized in this way.  We hold up our right paws and promise to each of you that we will continue to work hard and do our very best.  We couldn't be more excited!

We are doubly celebrating today, because we've been hard at work getting our web store up and running.  While the human section of our site is still under construction, the dog feasting gear is ready to go!  Stanislaw's new line is called "feast" and our tails are wagging overtime.  Check out our dog shirts  -- and remember, proceeds will be donated to help animals in need.  

In other news... our co-op order didn't arrive as planned on Saturday and so our big post complete with fresh meaty photos will have to be delayed for a day or two.  The shipment is expected tomorrow afternoon, so brace yourselves for fresh posting deliciousness.  Here's a tidbit of advice my humans learned:  always have a week or two of extra food on hand.  We had just enough to get us to our delivery date, but when that had to be delayed our people had to run out and get emergency supplies.  Oops!  Just goes to show that you should always be prepared.  Stanislaw and I didn't mind though... we didn't miss a meal and the meatiness continued as usual.  

Happy feasting!


Ellen said...

Hey Stan,

The shirts look great. I especially like the Napping Pups shirt. I am fond of napping like the dog on the right side of the couch. I'm not sure I'd like wearing a shirt, though. It's awfully hot down here in Alabama. Maybe I'll borrow my mom's credit card and surprise her with a human version!


Amanda said...

congrats! and great dog wear

Louis Reginald said...


The shirts look great! Miss. Bean wants the pink logo and I want the blue!!

Talk soon!


Louis Reginald & Ella Bean said...

Oh and congrats on your dogmark of the day award!! You deserve the recognition!

Keep it up!

Louis and Ella Bean