Thursday, April 24, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 87- Working Out, Getting Buff, Feasting Hard

I was napping on top of the sofa and stretching out my super long body when my human turned the corner with my harness.  We were going running!

I barely made it through last Tuesday's adventures, but in true Stanislaw spirit, I woke up this morning thinking it would be the best day of my life -- and I was right.  Man do I love running.  We buckled up and I sprinted as hard as I could for the entire 2 miles down to the beach.  I screamed at the water and drank some, hunted down some waves and plopped my hairy belly down into the icy lake.  Once I was sufficiently wet and sandy, we started the run back home.

On our way we were surrounded by a classroom-sized litter of 6-year old boys and girls and I screamed with joy as they pet me, called me "perrito" and I rubbed my wet stinky body all over them.  Awesome!  I was on a high and ran super duper hard all the way back to our apartment.  My brother and I ate some yogurt and then crashed on the sofa until...
... mommy cooking something tasty??  Brother and I rushed into the kitchen and found her filling our bowls with deliciousness from her own lunch.  YES.  When she was done eating her food, Big Pupi and I feasted hard on ours and then went back to the sofa.  He's asleep pressed against the sofa arm, and I'm stretched out all long and handsome at the top.  

I'll be dreaming of feasts,

Big Pupi ate something cooked today!
Well, I'm sure you are as shocked as we were that we got some cooked eggs and pasta.  Crazy!  (Crazy tasty.)  Our humans found out that raw egg makes our tummies upset, but cooked egg still has lots of protein in it and we do very well on that.  So, after our hard run today, we got some yogurt for fat, calcium and protein, eggs for protein and a little pasta just because mommy cooked too much for herself.  Oh boy.  It was still warm and oh-so good.
I know grains are a big no-no for most raw feeders, but our theory is 'everything in moderation.'  A little organic brown rice pasta for 2 skinny boys after a workout isn't going to be the end of the world... as long as our tummies can stand up to it.  We haven't eaten grains in so long that a few mouthfuls every now and again should be a-ok.  But right now my tummy is full, my muscles are tired, and this sofa is mighty comfy.  I'm off to meaty dreamland.

PS:  Did you notice in the pictures above that our sofa is blue now?  It used to be brown... until Stanislaw destroyed the slipcover with his clipper oil eating habits.  Naughty boy!

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Louis Reginald said...

MMmmmmm...I am jealous!

Even though I eat raw meat, occasionally, I'll get some warm stuff for my tummy. It's thoughtful of our people to mix it up every now and again!

Whenever my tummy starts getting upset and my bum hurts, my mom gives me organic brown rice with some bits of plain cooked chicken or some chicken broth.

This makes me feel all better!!

Happy Feasting!!