Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 78- A Problem Solved

My brother and I were interviewed by Louis Reginald, a spaniel reporter from Cup of Dog!  He's a fellow raw feaster and he asked us all about our meaty meals and how we got started on the tasty raw diet.  You can read our interview here.

brother needs to clarify:
I understand that there's been some confusion caused regarding Stanislaw, myself, and our names.  And understandably so.  When writing posts I never actually use my name, and Stanley just calls me "brother."   (I write in italics, Stanislaw's sections are in normal type.)  Furthermore, Stanislaw has about a 100 nicknames, and we use each interchangeably, so it may sound like we're chatting about more than one dog at a time.

Stanislaw's nicknames consist of Stanley, Stan, Stanny Tanner, Sauce, Stas (pronounced "Stash") and Stink-bum.  While most of those names haven't and won't be used on the blog, I wanted to put them all out there just in case we're feeling a little creative on that particular day.

As for me, I have previously been referred to as "brother."   I am Stan's brother, but that's not my actual name.   My real, foster-mom given name is Ace "I.P." Frehley, because I look like I painted my face to go to a KISS concert.  However, when online I choose to go by my moniker Big Pupi (said "Puppy").  You see, I'm a huge fan of baseball, a bigger fan of the Red Sox, and I was nicknamed after one of the players who calls himself "Big Papi."
Last year my dad, a HUGE and life-long Red Sox Fan, heard about an election that was being held for the President of Red Sox Nation -- the official MLB team's fan base.  As both he and I are members of Red Sox Nation, that made us eligible to run for the position.  A lack of resources and time made it possible for only one of us to start campaigning, and since I had come up with a better platform my dad stepped down and supported my endeavors.  I officially took on the name Big Pupi and off I went making the world aware of the Forgotten Fans and touting K-9 friendly seating at the ball park.  I got a huge following of dog and cat baseball fans... all of them lifelong sports enthusiasts that had always been left home on game day.  We needed to make a change!

Well, to make a long story short, we submitted an application video, started a website, and I survived each narrowing of the candidates until there were only 9 of us standing -- myself and 8 humans.  Although I didn't make it as President, I did get my own Pro MLB Sports blog where I write all about sports from a dogs' point of view.  Lots of talk about feasting.  Stanislaw loved the thought of a blog about feasting and wanted one of his own, so here we are!

I hope that makes things a little clearer.  He's Stanislaw and I'm his big brother, Big Pupi -- at your blogging service.

P.S.   My Big Pupi videos were made during our pre-raw days.  Just a note, as kibbles make a special appearance in our application video.  A lot of things have changed since then!

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Louis Reginald said...

Thanks for the name clarification guys!

Thanks again for the awesome interview - lets keep on chatting about feasting...its the next best thing to the feasting itself!!