Monday, April 28, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 91- Meat Meat Everywhere


Feast your eyes upon my meaty deliciousness!
Ground Whole Pork
Lamb brisket with some ribs already removed. My humans trimmed off thick layers of fat because they said it would upset my tummy to eat so much of it. But they did sneak us little tastes as they worked. It's like meaty lamb butter! Melts on my tongue.
Bacon-like pieces of lamb meat
Ground whole whiting fish - 5 lbs of it still kind of frozen
Frozen chicken feet in a frosty bag. These creep out my mommy big-time.
Beef meat chunks
Santa Claus arrived yesterday afternoon. He came into my apartment with 4 big boxes that smelled like tasty feasts and then he let me jump all over him while I screamed in excitement. I almost leaked a little on the floor from the sheer joy of the occasion. Christmas in April!

It all must find its way into my mouth immediately, so I'm going to howl at mommy while she weighs and packages it up. She'll usually sneak us little hors d'oeuvres and tasters as she works. My meat locker has been empty for so long and now it will be filled to the brim! Now I really must find a way to break into it while my humans aren't looking...

Coo coo for meatiness,

Big Pupi can't stop drooling:
I have never seen such a beautiful site before. Well, not since our last feasting delivery. This one is especially fabulous however, because we've got nearly 70 lbs of raw meat sitting on our kitchen island! I have to stand on my very tippy hind toes just to get a peak at it, but my nose can catch those tummy-rumbling scents from a mile away. Is that freshly ground mutton??? Oh man. I can barely contain myself.

Our meat delivery got delayed because our co-op is in the process of moving to distributors. They have become so popular that the orders just keep pouring in. I have heard so many good things about the quality of their meats that I just can't wait to sink my teeth into them! They even offer whole ground carcass, which means that the digestive portions have been removed but the rest of the bones and organs are still intact. This is pretty darn close to the "prey model" (looking at the animal as rough percentages of meat, bone and organ), and it just about eliminates our humans' need to measure small amounts of organs and make special organ meals for us.
The whole ground carcass can be our morning and evening meals since it includes bone and meat in the correct ratios. Those meals will be alternated with a couple of weekly non-ground, bone-in breakfasts to keep our teeth nice and clean, followed by a meat dinner. And we can't forget the ground veggies and oil supplements and such that we get too.

This morning for breakfast, for the first time ever, we got to feast on whole fish! I'm a HUGE fan of the fishes and I scarfed my bits right down. Stanislaw got fishiness all over his face and front paws, and when mom was wiping him clean he did a big fishy burp right in her face. Awesome! I've heard some talk about going for a run this afternoon and getting a chicken foot as a post-run snack, followed by the rest of our fish for dinner. Today is great! I'm going to prepare for my day of sprinting and snacking.

Staring at the fresh meatyliciousness,
Big Pupi

PS: Mom learned the hard way that if you package meaty servings into little plastic containers, the meat locker fills up really quickly. If you have a ton of food coming in, she recommends using baggies as everything can squish together and it takes up much less room. That being said... it's always good to package up your meat in something that can be washed and reused.


Patience-please said...

Hey there Stanislaw! Thanks for visiting! You are two lucky dogs, we gotta tell you. Our flunky Servant tried several times to feed us raw, but could never get it right. Maria would absolutely not eat anything uncooked, and Luciano kept puking everything, and Mama Pajama started pooping blood. The thing that did it was when the Servant cut her finger picking up poop! a bone shard cut her finger through the baggy, and she said that was that.
Feel sorry for us, friends!

deprived wags from the whippets

FleasGang said...

Stan and Pupi, we love all your words of wisdom. Cocker Spaniels Rule!!! Thanks for dropping by the FleasBlog.

Happy Eating
The FleasGang (Simon, Scarlett, and Shelly)

duo_disaster said...

Just reading and reading your BARF blogposts! Can't help but to say we're drooling all over already! (Mummy included)


Anonymous said...

Now i am hungry...