Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 189- Death to Stuffy

Great success!  I killed my first stuffy!
Big Pupi never lets me destroy the stuffies.  And trust me.  I've tried.  However, for reasons known only to Pupi, he allowed me to do as I pleased with this purple bunny toy which was my Easter gift from grandma.  I worked slowly, cautiously.  First I removed his eyes which left a nice gaping hole in his head.  Then I realized with great joy that there was a whole world of bunny guts inside, complete with a squeaker!

I left bunny bits strewn about the apartment, and Pupi and I both enjoyed nibbling and shredding the guts into smaller and smaller puffs.  I guess he never before realized the full potential of a stuffy!  Look at how quickly his nubbly little tail is wagging.
We were allowed to shred and tear for a while, but once I completely deflated the bunny and removed its ears, mom took it and the precious squeaker away.  She said that they were going in the trash, but I really think that she saved them for dad to play with when he got home from work!  He's the kind of guy that would appreciate my hard work, and enjoy himself some squeaker chewing.
Well, the stuffy killing fun didn't last long and now Big Pupi is defending all the other toys as usual.  There may not be any more de-stuffy-ing for a while, but boy was it a good time!  It was also educational - now I know what's really inside those live bunnies I see outside that drive me so wild.  Just wait!  Some day I'll get me one of those and destuff him as well!

Bunny guts are fluffy,


FleasGang said...

Oh no. Now that you've tasted the innards of a stuffy, you'll never be satisfied with just playing with them. You'll NEED to de-stuff again. It's a slippery slope you've traveled down, Stan. Your only hope is to quit cold turkey. Or in your case, have a turkey neck.

De-stuffer extraordinaire,
Shelly from the FleasGang

Ellen (or Beckett) said...

I've been destuffing pillows in a search for their squeaker. My mom is not so pleased. But what's a pillow, if not a big stuffie?


Niamh said...

Excellent job decapitating that bunny and then disemboweling it!!! I guess you get some good practice with all your raw feasting. My favorite way is to pull the arms and legs off first and then attack the body. But any way to de-stuff a stuffy is all good.

Your friend,

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

That was so cool you got to de-stuff a bunny, Stan! I want to do that too...but Mom wouldn't let me. *pouts* I guess I'm going to have to do it when she's at 'work'..hee!


Hero said...

Congrats on your great accomplishment!! I have yet to put any sort of dent on any of my stuffies. I prefer to carry them around in my mouth all day long instead of chewing on them. You and my pal, Tagpi, have the same idea when it comes to stuffies. Whenever Tagpi comes to my house my mom has to hide them or else he'll murder all of them in less than half an hour.

Fenway said...

Your in The Club, Stan. Whether or not you pee like a girl, you are a fearsome Stuffie Killer and have the right creds. You are a true man!

(Aside: when I have about a gallon of liquid inside my bladder and need to pee like a racehorse, I simply lower my hinders, just like a girl. Otherwise, I mark sky high)

Nice work on the decapitation.

Petra said...

Atta boy, Stanislaw! You're reached a new milestone now that you destuffed the purple bunny toy!

My mom throws the stuffy inside part away but lets me play with the "skeleton" my destuffed toys.

Charlie Daniels said...

G'day Stan

Mate, well done. The first one is the hardest .. it gets much easier after that!



Lilliana Rosalita Fuentes said...

You are quite the expert destroyer Mr. Stanislaw! Paris and I were gathered round the tube last night watching the Weather Channel worried about you!!

We hope everybody was okay. (I can see Mr. Easter bunny did not survive it though)RIP Easter bunny.

Momo and Pinot said...

Great job, Stanislaw!!! :D

When you get a chance, please come and pick up the award!

Momo & Pinot

Maggie said...

uh ohh
i love stuffie tooooo!!!!
it was so great to play with!!

Maggie and Mitch said...

We think the live bunnies are a lot more messy to destuff than the purple one in your house!
You did a very thorough job!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch