Friday, August 8, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 192- One Whole Paw Plus a Dewclaw

Big Pupi gets the blog today!
Ladies and gentlemutts, today I am celebrating a very special day.  You see, this very day is my made-up birthday and my humans are guesstimating that I'm about 4 toes and a dewclaw years old.  

Three years ago, over the Fourth of July holiday, I magically and mysteriously showed up at the shelter.  Twenty-four hours later, my foster mom came and saved me and I partied in her home with all of her super fun pups.  It was some time in the first 1/2 of August that I moved in with my humans, and it's been fun and feasting ever since!  So, the combination of my early August adoption, plus the fact that my mom's lucky number is 8... that's how I got to have this special date as my special day.  Sweetness!

My day started off with my favorite:  a run to the bark park and then some tennis ball fetching, kiddie pool wading and territory marking activities.  Unfortunately, our visit to the park didn't last long because a woman with 2 very large, very aggressive dogs showed up, hackles raised and looking for trouble.  Never the type of guy to back down from a fight, my mom got me (and Stanislaw) out of there ASAP.  We enjoyed a fast, hard run home and we got a great big birthday breakfeast.


I got extra canned salmon on mine.  It was so tasty!  After my feast I did my usual thrashing on the sofa and beating of my SingingChristmasTreeMouseToy, then I grabbed my lucky tennis ball and balanced it nicely on my chin rest.  Then it was snoozel time.  I'm hoping to dream of the vanilla ice cream that I know is heading my way later today!
Also heading my way today is a bath.  While I find this totally unacceptable on my birthday, I've been told that my grandfather and uncle (on my dad's side) are coming to visit this weekend and arrive tonight.  And you know what... I'm okay with smelling pleasing to humans if it means constant attention and forgiven attempts to snoozel on the pull-out sofa bed.  (That, my friends, will blow your mind.  More on the sofa bed another time.)  I've met these two humans before and let me tell you - they are totally game for the belly rubs.  I guess I can make it through a bath if it means I get 2 days'-worth of pets from 4 pairs of human hands!  Dad says that they're coming in for the Red Sox game, but I think they secretly wanted to wish me a Happy Birthday in person.  

Resting up for my celebration!
Big Pupi

PS- For those of you that asked, our grandmother got our snoods from here:
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Niamh said...

Happy Birthday Big Pupi!!!

Your people are so lucky that they adopted you! That birthday feast looks amazing. Hope you get large quantities of vanilla ice cream this evening. Sorry about the bath though - not my favorite thing either.

Have fun with your visitors.

Your friend,

Mack said...

Happy, Happy Birthday BP.

You guys have such interesting days. We usually just sleep all day until mom gets home.

Hero said...

Happy Birthday, Big Pupi!!! Thanks for sharing your story about how you found your forever home.

I usually don't get all that excited about food, but that picture of your birthday feast had me drooling!

Fenway said...

Happy Made Up But Real Birthday, Pupi. You are an awesome dude. Your mom did a nice job on the food chart...I will submit it to my Alpha Female for review. Sounds like a good meal. Think of me when you're licking your ice cream.

I need your help electing me the Plum TV-Martha's Vineyard Dog of the Month. I am running but Ms. Alpha has no campaign strategy for me. I took the contest into my own paws this am and am asking all my friends to vote for me by Aug. 15. Here's the link. And please ask all your friends to vote, too! If I win I get to go on TV and receive a crown and a big Goody Basket. Thanks, Pupi. Enjoy your BIG DAY!

Here's the link:

Ella Bean & Louis Reginald said...

Happy Birthday BP!! Your birthday feast looks simply scrumptious! Our humans said they'd give us some extra feastings in honor of your big day!
Wishing you a super long and extra healthy life full of raw meat, belly rubs and thrashing stuffies!

Yours friends,

Ella Bean and Louis Reginald

Petra said...

Happy Birthday to YOU, Big Pupi!

08/08/08 is a special day for sure!

I hope you LOTS of vanilla ice cream today. Too bad about the bath, ESPECIALLY on this important day, but have fun when your family comes to visit!

Charlie Daniels said...

Happy Birthday Big Pupi! I reckon your Birthday breakfast feast looks great ... but TBU almost lost his when he saw it! I wonder if it hasn't anything to do with what he got up to last night! ;-)



Lacy said...

w00f's Big Pupi, me iz sooo sorrwy me iz soooo late, but at least it not midnite hopes u had a very special barkday, wiff lots of foodies and toys...and u has many many more barkday....

b safe,

Asta said...

Happy Happy Late Birfday..My Mommi is at fault..I've been asking hew all day to come sing to you..Youw celebwation meal looks wondewfully delicious, and I hope you got that Birfday Ice cweam too, oh nad all the faboolous belly wubs and loveys fwom youw hooman visitows
smoochie kisses

Amber-Mae said...

Big Pupi, Happy Barkday to YOU!!! Holly Mother of Feasts! Your Barkday meal is sooo big & filling & yummy! I wish I could have my own bowl of raw goodness but I know I'll never will. IO hope those two looking-for-trouble dogs did not decided to attack the other dogs at the park after you've left. I bet your barkday was the best!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Maggie and Mitch said...

Happy birthday, Big Pupi! Your birthday dindin looks fit for a King! We're so glad that you got ice cream too!
Have fun with your company! Of course they're coming to see YOU!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Big Pupi! That feast looked super delish! Glad to hear that you had a great time on your birthday!

I've got a little award for you and Stan at my blog...please do check it out!


duo_disaster said...

Happy Barkday again, Big Pupi!

Ohh.. So thats how 08/08 came about! We love your feasting, its all nicely displayed whereas M stirred ours up into a *eh-hem*.. Not so appetising anyway. How we wish we were there to share with you (but less the yogurt -- preferbably replaced with Vanilla icream!)

We saw your 'advert' for the snoods, can't helped but laugh! *ROFL*

Last but not least...Check our blog out! We have an award for both of you!

~ Rudolf & Goofy