Friday, August 15, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 199- Snoozel Central

Due to something stinky called Work that humans insist on doing day in and day out, Big Pupi and I were not able to get our usual morning exercise.  Instead, mom worked us extra hard at the bark park yesterday, making us wake up when it was still dusk outside and rushing us down there.  We stayed for super long and played lots of Fetch and Chase and did some serious splashing in the kiddie pool, and came home extra hungry for feasts and in need of some nappies.  We still managed to find the energy for our post-breakfeast zoomies but then the snoozels hit and were quiet and dreaming for the rest of the day.  Since there was no excitement to be had on this morning, the snoozels continued.
Using Duck as a pillow.

Warm carpet snoozels are the best.

How Pupi deals with the bright desk lamp.

Those ears are mighty handy.

I heard something about an Obedience Walk later.  We usually do this once a week, or if I've had a pretty bad anxiety attack the day before.  In this case the Obedience Walk was brought on by the latter.  I was a bit of a mess yesterday and now I need some one-on-one time with mom and my treats.  We take a nice, quiet stroll down to the little grassy park about a half mile away and do some intense practice on my Walk Like Good Boy.  Usually we'll meet some new dogs there too, but I only get to say Hi if I be Have.  I like these days because there's lots of rewards and praise and my self confidence needs this kind of a boost. 

Big Pupi and I would like to wish Jackson a Happy Birthday and a safe trip home from the hospital.  We're so happy he gets to spend his special day with his family.



Hero said...

Hey, Stan. You and Big Pupi look super cute during your snoozels. I like to use my ears to shield my eyes too. Spaniel ears sure do come in handy at times.

Clover said...

Those are some adorable snoozely photos! Hope you enjoy your relaxing day!
Love Clover xo

ParisRain said...

I hope you didn't have an anxiety attack because you are missing me so much!!! :(

Fenway said...

Hey, can you guys lend me an ear? They are handy light dimmers and I admire the way you've learned to re-purpose them as needed.

I also admire you for snoozling and letting your human do her clacking on the computer. It usually takes me some time and a "Be Have!!!" or "Settle DOWN!!!" to let mine work in peace.

How 'bout them homers the Sox are pounding out!!! That game the other night that had 33 runs was UGLY!

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Hi Stan!

Aww...those were such cute pictures of you and Pupi! Mom loves the dreamy look you got there with Ducky as your pillow...heh!

That's cool that you're getting some one-on-one with your Mom. I think I need that Mom has been a bit neglecting of me lately. Pfft. Apparently, she got stumped at her Work place too,so...less time with me. *pouts*


tadpole said...

Yay for snoozels!

And of COURSE there are no hard feelings about the "shaving of the chest" debacle! I am SO THANKFUL that you told me - how horrifying would it be if I turned up over there and they tied me down and SHAVED ME?!?! Thank you!!

Petra said...

You guys are just too cute!

I know what you mean about work. My mom has been so busy that she's been neglecting me and I need to re-connect with my friends on the blogs!

Lindsey said...

Stan, thanks for posting on my blog. You are one cool lookin' raw fed dog! I love turkey necks too, they're so much fun to crunch!
Great pics, that's how I feel right now because mom can't take me for walks until she feels better :(
Well, I'm off to torment some puddy cats. Smell ya later!



Maggie and Mitch said...

We love Big Pupi's furry ear covering his eye! What a cute picture!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Charlie Daniels said...

Hey those ears could be really handy for when My Bi-Peds go to bed and LEAVE THE LIGHTS ON!!!!