Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 210- Unfeastables

I did something stupid the other day.  I know, I know... you're thinking, "Stanley, YOU did something stupid?  No way!"  But really, I did guys.  I made a major mistake.  

There is a little grassy area right near my building where all the humans like to walk their dogs.  There are also a series of dumpsters right along there where all the nearby restaurants like to toss their trash.  And you know how I feel about trash!  Well, between the critters that dig through there and the sloppy dump trucks that do only 1/2 their job, a lot of garbage winds up in my weeble area.  Usually we find chicken bones from the lunch place around the corner.  Cooked bones are never a good thing.  But one day this week I found something a little different on the menu:
And I ate it.  My humans had no idea that I had feasted on pit and aren't sure how long that peach pit was sitting in my stomach, but I started to act a little funny Monday afternoon.  I didn't spend my morning harassing Big Pupi and I just wasn't that into sock tug that night.  My folks took it easy on me since I wasn't my usual self.  My tummy hurt!!

It was very early on Tuesday morning that I started to puke all over my crate.  Sorry mom!  I couldn't stop spewing yellow foam and mom knew that foam is a sign that there's a blockage in your gut.  She started to worry.  But before her very eyes I hurled up a nice large peach pit.  It was whole and clean and there was no blood.  Man... that was NOT fun bringing back up!  I quickly returned back to my old rascally self, obsessed with the feast and Poobler Extraordinaire.  I know I'm one lucky boy though.  If that pit hadn't made its reentry into the world I would have been Slice-n-Dice Stanislaw at the doctor's office.
The moral of this story:  Peach pits are NOT good feasting.  One way or the other they have to find their way back out of you, and under no circumstances is that going to be fun.  So stay away from the pits, man.  Stay far far away.

Learning feasting lessons,

P.S. - Yes, that is an old, old picture of me.  It must have been only 2-3 weeks after I was adopted.  I look like a different dog!  And my right eye wasn't fully recovered from surgery just yet.  I look like such a puppy!


Niamh said...


I am very sorry to hear about your peach pit puking episode. Your people must have been very worried. I am so glad that it came out on its own and you did not have to have an operation.

Peach pits are bad and so are corn cobs (which don't show up on x-rays well so are hard to find in our tummies). Isn't it a pain that things that you think would be great are bad for us?

Your friend,

Paris said...

Oh poor Stani!

Do you have a sore throat now?
I am just so glad it came up -- that could've been a real bad scene!

Woof ya,

Thor said...

Poor Stanislaw! You mom should have been so worried! I am so glad it came up!
Take care!


Petra said...

Poor Stanislaw! That could have been a very serious situation, and I'm so glad you puked up that peach pit.

Have you ever heard of Evo dog food? I just started eating it and the bag says it's the next best thing to eating raw food. What do you think?

Petra said...

Thank you for the information on dog food, Stanislaw. My mom has some work to do as she follows your advice. I like the idea of putting real meat into my packaged food for variety!

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Yikes! Glad the pit came out of you naturally and not thru 'Slice-n-Dice'! I didn't know that foam spewing is a sign of blockage...thanks for the info! I'll definitely let my Mom know that...=)


Hero said...

Bravo on spitting up that peach pit! Another misadventure and another lesson learned. I'm glad everything ended up okay and that you didn't end up in that place of tile and steel.