Thursday, August 7, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 191- Animail

There are rows and rows of clangy boxy things at ground level of my apartment building, and day after day my humans return to the same one. After our noon weebles outing, my mom will usually stop by this clangy box place and make Big Pupi and me Sit Like Good Boy while she opens the little door to the box and fetches shredding materials. Yesterday a soft and flat package emerged from this clangy box, and mom said it was for me! (...and Big Pupi, I guess.) As we were headed to the elevators, Lisa - a super cool lady that works in the lobby, gives me pets and lets me cool my belly off each day on her floor - told me that I had a package and handed my mom a little brown box. More mail for ME?!

I skipped all the way back to my home with excitement. What could it be?! Mom opened the soft package first, and pulled out two snoods! Turns out that she had been looking for snoods for a long long time, and our grandma located some and sent them along. Our ears dangle in everything and even though the fur gets trimmed right up to the leather, we still manage to get them filthy with feasts and other stuff humans don't like. Snoods keep our dangly lobes neatly tucked away. Well, up to now we had makeshift dishtowel snoods that had been fashioned with a hair elastic, but I like the real thing much better. I just so happen to look smashing in my new snood.
I guess Big Pupi looks okay in his too.
Big Pupi absolutely HATES to have anything slipped over his head, so it was a bit of a struggle to get that on him. Someone should tell him that he'll wear it when feasting! Then maybe he'll be a bit more cooperative. Speaking of feasting, I had to test out my new attire.
Great success!

After a quick snooded snack of dehydrated salmon, we opened the small brown box. Inside we found an order of supplements from B-Naturals.
First we got the Green Blend, which is a mix of alfalfa, irish moss, algae, spirulina, seaweed and other good stuff. This is a great way to get all your minerals, and you only need a teeny tiny bit each day. Also in the box was the Immune Blend, which is jam-packed with all sorts of vitamins, probiotics and digestive enzymes. It's flavored with chicken liver and when the jar was opened Pupi and I started whining because we wanted to eat it!
Each of our supplements and our digestive enzymes used to be given separately, but to make our people's lives a little easier they now only have to measure out a teaspoon of the Immune Blend for each meal and toss in a fish oil pill. Simple! And you all know how I feel about efficient feasting. I need my meals ASAP. The Immune Blend is great for any pups that could use an immune system boost, and since Pupi and I are such social boys about town our folks feel it's best to keep our systems in tip top shape.

As if the day couldn't get any better, mom disappeared for a while and came back with a bag smelling of deliciousness. I was disappointed to learn that it was human deliciousness, and it all went into cupboards and the meat locker for safe keeping. Well, not all of it went into human storage... mom got us canned salmon!
Pupi is a salmon fanatic and goes to town on his meals when there's a scoop or two of the fishies on top. Delish! It's very important to get a variety of proteins to ensure that we are exposed to a wide nutrient profile, and also to avoid the development of food allergies. This canned salmon is a super easy way to mix things up.*

In other non-feasting news, I want to give a big howl of appreciation to Momo and Pinot for the Daily Blogger award!
We may take the weekends off, but this is inspiration to get my humans to take down my dictations on Saturdays and Sundays as well. Lazy people! From one set of spaniels to another... we love it! If any of our blogging pals post more days than not, and if you haven't yet received this award, consider it yours! We'd love to pass it on.

Keeping my ears clean while snacking on salmon,

Big Pupi has to add a comment:
I just wanted to remind any raw feasters -- fish that swim upstream to breed should NEVER be fed raw. They may contain a parasite, and if this parasite is infected with a rickettsial organism it will cause Salmon Poisoning Disease. These types of fish are only safe after thoroughly cooking, as this kills the microorganism. Dogs are the only species susceptible to the disease, so if your human loves sushi tell them not to worry, but also not to share any with you!

Vanilla ice cream, on the other paw, carries no parasites and is creamy deliciousness. I am counting down the seconds to my birthday tomorrow, and I've been eyeing that container of creamy feasting that my humans got for Stanislaw's birthday and saved for mine. I need candles and stuffies and belly rubs and a morning at the bark park and sleepies in the human crate and...


Blue said...

Gosh, wondering where to start commenting on this post...

You both look great.
And, I'm with Pupi - LOVE Salmon - spent a lot of time out in BC Canada. Ate Salmon @ every opportunity.

And, I do know about Hero in the Azores, but TY for mentioning him.
He's a special blog friend, a spaniel & called Hero - how could he not be?
But, now I've found you I will be visiting to get my spaniel fix.

Pats & pets

FleasGang said...

Happy Early Birthday, Pupi!


Niamh said...

Hi Stanislaw,

My person keeps threatening me with a snood. Setter ears are like spaniel ears-they collect everything!. You look pretty cute in your snood but are you sure it lives up to your manly image?

Looks like you are getting some excellent supplements. No wonder you and Big Pupi looks so healthy and have so much energy. I am just starting on the raw diet! Yeah! My person is a bit of a wimp so we are starting with some premade raw medallions. So delicious I can't believe it. I can't wait until we advance to some serious feasting.

Your friend,

Stanley said...

Hey, Stanislaw!

First off, let me just say that I LOVE your name because it contains Stan AND slaw!! (I LOVE coleslaw, but don't really get to eat it ~ I just happened to snag some one day off of an unaccompanied plate.)

I think your snoods are a FAB idea. My cocker friend, Lady Bug, needs one BIGTIME. She's always dragging her ears in stuff, and I'm always finding some good snacking on those ears.

Happy early birthday to your brother! Sorry I missed yours!

Here's a double dose of juicy goober smooches for both of you!

Goob love,

Mack said...

Hi guys!!

Mom has been looking for those snoods!! Sissy Paris always gets bits of food stuck in her ears while she eats. To me I think it is wonderful because it is my afternoon snackie, but mom thinks it is not so lovely. By any chance could you give us the name of the place where your mom got them??
Also, Paris wanted me to ask you if you wouldn't mind giving her your addresses. Since BP is having a birthday soon & Stani's just passed, she said she would like to send you both a little pressie. If you want to email our mom, it is -
See ya!

Asta said...

I love bof youw snoods..I wish Ihad eaws like you..they awe bootiful.
All that food looks yummie, and thank you fow the advices.

I hope you get lots of yummilicious vamilla ice cweam and toys
smoochie kisses

Ella Bean said...

Stani, my Stani,

You look so handsome and beastly in your snood. I am dreaming of you....


Ella Bean

Petra said...

I'm glad my ears are short because I couldn't stand to wear a snood ~~~ but they look smashing on you two!

Happy Birthday tomorrow, Big Pupi!

Hero said...

Hey, Stan! Cool snoods! My mom has been looking for a while for one for me, but the only snoods she had ever come across were in girly prints. I like the ones you and Big Pupi have. You look really nice in red.

I read the post about Big Pupi's new mohawk and I'm pretty sure I commented on it. I think it's super awesome that he's giving the punk rock scene a try! Just give it a few weeks and I'm sure he'll have a mohawk to rival mine!

Maggie and Mitch said...

You both look so handsome in your snoods!
Thanks for the pink salmon tip! Occasionally mom buys us Jack Mackerel but we've never had the tasty salmon before!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Charlie Daniels said...

I thought snood was something that came out of your nose sometimes ... oh! Hang On ....



Agatha and Archie said...

Ohh you look so handsome in your snoods! We wish we had ears for those!! Here's an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Big Pupi!! As a birthday present we are going to ask Big Popi to hit a homer in your honor!!!! love and kisses A+A

Joan said...

Hello There Stanislaw!!

I am so excited. I just checked my email and I received a very special note from you with a link to your blog letting me know how much you love your snoods that I made! You certainly made my day and put a smile on my face. Thank you also, so very much for letting others know where there can purchase their snoods. Have a wonderful day!
Joan & Skippy - the SpokesPug for
P.S. (I got a kick out of your 'towel snood'.)

Tadpole said...

Oh holy CRAP! Your snoods are the bestest thing EVER!!! (my girl can't stop giggling....) I get food in my ears too sometimes, but I don't allow ANYTHING to touch my face. The nasty woman who had me before my girl found me did NAUGHTY things to my face, so now nobody can touch it (except for my girl, and only if she's VERY NICE to me).

I thought maybe you were getting TOYS in the mail, but feasting accessories are even better! On the other hand, where are you going to store your snacks for later?

Scottie the 'cutie' said... the new snoods! They look very spiffy indeed! And congrats on the award! You so deserved it! I loved reading about your daily adventures and feasting...*wink*

Thanks for the info on raw fish...does that mean if I want to feast on salmon, Mom would need to cook it first? She's always so lost when it comes to fish.


duo_disaster said...

Heylo Boys!

Yeah, actually our M wanna post some snoods over to you guys too but unfortunately we understand you're moving home pretty soon.

We're just keep it for you guys the time being, do update us of your new add!

~ Rudolf & Goofy

duo_disaster said...

... On another note,

Rudolf & Goofy

Maggie and Mitch said...

Happy birthday, Big Pupi! We hope you're having ice cream for your breakfast AND dindin!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch