Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Raw Food Diet, Day 190- DIY Air Conditioning

Well folks, there's not much new going on here.  We had some super intense thunder storms this week and tornados out in Illinois.  I made sure to freak out my humans especially well by looking out the windows and howling whenever an emergency alert came on the TV.  Mom kept jumping out to look out the window.  Ha!  I have my people so well trained. 

It's been super humid and warm here, and any time I go out for weebles/bird hunting I wind up so steamy hot that I absolutely MUST cool my groin off on the lobby floors of my apartment.  They're marble and so fabulously chilly!  My folks have even begun to budget time into my walks so that I may spend a few minutes with legs askew making sure that I have as much surface area in contact with the floor as possible.
If they don't let me sprawl out on the lobby floor, I'll insist on getting some quality cooling time on my hallway floor.  It's not nearly as awesome, but sometimes it has to do.  Thank goodness that this shaved belly makes cooling off possible even on sub-par flooring.  
My morning walk was cut way short when mom saw lightening, and before we knew it mom, Pupi and I were all running home in the pouring rain.  You know that I love a good belly soaking, but not this way!  Since I still had so much energy to burn off I made sure to be especially helpful and destroyed a roll of paper towels, poked mom in the arm with my nose about a gazillion times, barked at my neighbor's barking, and zoomed around the apartment trying to get Pupi to play chase.  No luck, but zooming can be a great time on its own.  But when I was done with my races I was all hot again and pretended like I had a potty emergency so that I could go froggy style on the floor again.  Woohoo!

My groin is chilly,


Blue said...

Hi there!

I've come over from my WFT friend Asta's - and am now wondering why we haven't met before as I adore spaniels, my late beloved Hero was a Springer.

I've really enjoyed catching up with your posts - the peeing & stuffie tales have had me LOL.

Pats & pets to you
Blue, the doggy lover

Lilliana Rosalita Fuentes said...

Good Morning Mr. Stanislaw.
You are so very photogenic - no wonder Paris has such a huge cruch on you!!

I'll let you in on a little secret about me - I have no hair on my belly at all - naturally! So tile is like my numero uno friend!

Thank dog everybody was okay during your storm!

Mexican kisses,

FleasGang said...

We didn't realize that you were into meteorology, Stan. Way to keep your parents posted on current weather conditions! As far a cool bellies are concerned. We like to sprawl out on the marble fireplace surround. It's like ice on a hot undercarriage!

The Fleas

Ellen (or Beckett) said...

I cannot agree more, Stanislaw. I am so happy that our new house has tile floors everywhere except the bedrooms. I love to sprawl out and be cool.


The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

We could use some of those marble floors up here in Michigan. Glad the tornadoes didn't get you. Those things are scary.

Levi's mom

Petey said...

Hi Stan!

I agree, marble floors are the best! Whenever I come in on a hot day, Mommy says I'm like butter on a hot griddle - I just melt on the floor. (She refers to it as "cooling my tool," but you get the picture!)

I don't mind sirens (now skateboards, don't get me started!) but my friend Bear will stop in his tracks, throw his head back like a wolf and howl whenever he hears one. It confused me at first, but now, hey, it's just Bear's thing and I kinda get a kick out of his wolf imitation!

Your pal in belly cooling,


Charlie Daniels said...

"My groin is chilly" ... :-)



Petra said...

We heard there were tornadoes up your way; we've just had the hot, humid weather in the central part of the state. And rain.

I LOVE the last picture of you, Stanislaw ~~~ you just look SO happy!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hey Stanislaw. You sure look happy in the last pic to rest froggy style

~ Girl girl

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

I love to chill on the marble floor at my home too! It's so nice and cooling especially on a hot day (But then, Malaysia's climate is hot and humid all year,more marble cooling for me! Hee!)..Mom loves the picture of you all sprawled on the floor, looking so tired...heh!